A Korg KRONOS 6 Workstation Review written by: s. Love,

The Korg KRONOS 6 has been specifically designed to meet the demands of accomplished music performers, composers and even producers. This keyboard workstation boasts of 9 distinct synthesis engines together with a comprehensive suite of performing and production tools. This, without the doubt, makes it one of the most versatile synthesisers currently available in the market. Here then is a review KRONOS breakdown of what this workstation has to offer.


This KRONOS has been unanimously lauded as been the most powerful instance of this revolutionary keyboard music workstation. As such, it comes with an impressive list of features that would make any musician worth his/her salt drool with desire. To begin with, the KRONOS’ already venerated SGX piano engine with a German and Japanese Grand, has now been augmented with a 9GB Berlin Grand. This new feature has a dedicated una cord’ sample along with sympathetic string resonance which is compatible with all SGX pianos.

This latest KRONOS integrates a system-wide touch and drag’ functionality via its 8” colour touchviewTM screen. A feature that enables users to efficiently edit on-screen parameters much quicker than it was previously possible. This keyboard workstation features an improved set list mode that presents the ability to resize customised text for each list set entry. These entries can, at the same time, be color-coded for efficient organisation and enhanced visibility.

This version of the KRONOS provides on-screen metering in both combination and sequence modes. Along with the capability of editing programs in any combination to listen to the edits in context to other parts. Also, the KRONOS 6 has thousands of sounds which were created utilising different synthesis modes. This includes around 21GB worth of preset wave-form data, encompassing a wide range of genres.

Its internal SSD memory offers a capacity of 62GB, providing users with plenty of space for sampling or downloading the KRONOS sound libraries. This workstation also facilitates for USB DAW integration for both MIDI and audio, powerful effect processing, with no less 16 effects simultaneously. Not to mention an incredible assortment of real-time controllers, KARMA and DRUM track music composition tools.

KRONOS 6 synth engine specifications

· SGX- premium piano

· AL-1 high fidelity analogue modelling

· EP-1 MDS Electric Piano

· CX-3 Tonewheel Organ

· STR-1 Plucked strings physical modelling

· MS-20EX & PolySixEX Legacy Analog Modeling

· MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer

How does it work?

Like most high-quality keyboard workstation, this KRONOS boasts of virtual tools that performers, composers and producers need. Besides the rudimentary bread & butter’ sound which professional keyboards feature, it offers more synth sounds and effects. Additionally, it comes with numerous features such as advanced patch editing as well as sequencing to name but a few. This means regardless of whether you are a solo performer are part of a band or compose original music, this workstation can effortlessly accommodate your requirements.


· The KRONOS 6 utilises multiple cutting edge sound generation methods.

· While its onboard effects facilitate for seamless processing of virtually any internal or external audio sources with important outcomes.

· Its multi-track audio and MIDI recording capabilities guarantee efficient studio operations in a mobile platform.

· Its smooth sound transition completely do away with note or effect dropout while switching sounds or modes.

· All in all, it provides each and every resource and technology with a modern musician needs, incorporated into a single instrument.